The American Journey – continuously striving for that perfect Union

During the month of June,  I turned off active participation on social media and email. I watched and listened. I had the opportunity to observe the happenings in the world and especially the public debates in America. It also gave me the chance to reflect over the past year.

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8 Years in, the Roberts Supreme Court continues to satisfy this liberal

Historically,  Chief Justices appointed by Republican Presidents, tend to lean left over time. Earl Warren (appointed by President Eisenhower) led the charge for expanded civil liberties. Warren Earl Burger’s court (he was appointed by President Nixon) delivered a variety of … Continue reading


The State of the American States: A Post-Election View

The November 2012 elections unveiled a partisan red-blue mix in State Government with voters giving one party, super majority status in their state legislatures. Half of state legislatures now have veto-proof majorities, up from 13 only four years ago. In … Continue reading


A time for Leadership

Realism in economics and a national cabinet I have been involved in US politics since 1988, starting with the Dukakis campaign. And as far as I can recall the level of rancor and partisanship has only become worse. From the … Continue reading


My recommendations for the 2012 California Ballot Initiatives

My recommendations for the 2012 California Ballot Initiatives Prop. 30, increase in sales tax and higher earners’ income tax: YES Prop. 38, increase in higher earners’ income tax: NO Proposition 30 is no substitute for long-term reforms in education funding, … Continue reading


Am I better off today than I was four years ago? You bet I am

(Updated since original posting) Since Gov Romney and the Republican party are suffering from a severe memory loss, I would like to remind them about what life was for an average American 4 years ago. We were on the brink … Continue reading


The GOP 2012 Tampa Convention

The GOP Convention in Tampa went something like this: Nature: Here is Isaac – to remind you of Bush (since the GOP does not want him in Tampa) Ann Romney;  Forget Bush. Love is very important. Chris Christie: Screw Love, … Continue reading